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September 22 / / Motorsport

A last minute decision saw me make my first visit to the Goodwood Revival on Saturday. I don’t think it’ll be my last visit either… it was probably the most enjoyable day of racing I’ve seen in ages.

The sun was a royal pain in the a**e, cutting the useable angles down for most of the day. I shouldn’t complain about good weather though, we don’t get it often!

Here’s a few to give a flavour of the track action (as usual, click the thumbnails for bigger images);

1. First race of the day, the Goodwood Trophy and a 1936 Parnell-MG

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September 14 / / Motorsport

I took a trip over to the concrete wastelands of Silverstone on Saturday (I think that’s twice this year now… far more than my usual quota) to catch a spot of LMS practice/quali.

It turned out to be quite pleasant weather, although the constantly changing cloud/sun combination made things a little awkward.

Here’s a few (click the thumbnails for larger versions);


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August 31 / / Motorsport

Another HSCC event, this time up at the quite picturesque Oulton Park in Cheshire.  Despite it being a Bank Holiday weekend, things stayed (mostly) dry with a smattering of sunshine from time to time.

Here’s a selection, click the images for larger versions…


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August 18 / / Motorsport

Spent a couple of hours at a pretty sparsely populated Combe this afternoon for the annual bike visit.

Not the most thrilling of meetings, but enough to keep me interested for a few hours.

Here’s a selection (click the images for bigger versions)…


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August 5 / / Motorsport

Castle Combe hasn’t exactly been a regular fixture in my calendar this year, but the ‘Classic Carnival’ looked interesting enough to pay a visit for a few hours on Sunday.

Thankfully the rain held off until the end of the meeting, but the heavy cloud meant the light was pretty flat for most of the day.  On the plus side, that makes shooting through the fence at Camp possible.

Here’s a selection (click the thumbnails for larger images);


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October 16 / / News

This is the first post for my updated web site. Hopefully navigating the site should be simple, just use the navigation bar Read MoreFirst Post