Silverstone Classic ’11

I spent a long day at Northamptonshire’s very own version of Jurassic Park on Saturday for the Silverstone Classic. This year’s entry list was pretty huge, with the biggest grids I’ve seen in a long time forcing a rolling start in all the races. Big grids don’t always guarantee good racing, but in this case they all delivered (with the possible exception of the celebrities) on their promise.

It was my first trip in a few years, so it was a new layout to contend with while searching out some angles that weren’t ruined by the monster fencing. First impressions were that the BRDC have done a pretty good job in terms of the track layout and you can’t deny that the new ‘wing’ looks quite impressive. That said, as a pedestrian Silverstone is even more of a pain to get around… you’re even forced to take a bus to get to the new paddock.

Views that are free from fencing are limited; those that provide a good angle for photography even more so. Luckily the weather on Saturday was mostly overcast, so shooting through the fencing was just about ok. Had it been bright sunshine, the angles would have been very limited!

The full set are in the gallery here, but here’s a selection;

The Alfaholics Giulia GTA heads on to the new pit straight

Another Giulia, running wide out of Club

Shiny Lotus, about to be passed at Farm

Pair of JPS ‘Loti’ coming out of Copse

Tyrell 011 on the kerbs

Very nice Arrows A1

Cobra cocking a wheel at Club

The Italian Historic and GT Sports field in front of the fun fair

Mustang about to be passed by a couple of Alfa TZs at Becketts

XJR9 at Club as the light fades

Merc/Sauber C11

And finally, a Nissan R90C


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