Sunny, in Wales… surely not?

Well, November isn’t renowned for it’s warm weather in this country, especially somewhere as exposed as Pembrey. I was pleased to discover on Saturday however that somebody had moved the small South Wales circuit closer to the equator… the weather was beautiful, almost suitable for a t-shirt!

Anyhow, November 4th & 5th saw the inaugural Bike Sport News Autumn Championships at Pembrey. An open invitation from the North Gloucestershire club to the likes of MRO & BEMSEE saw the NG regulars battling it out with some new faces for the prize money (and more importantly, bragging rights).

Follow the leader

The most heavily subscribed races of the weekend were almost certainly the ‘Prince of Pembrey’ races, held on Saturday afternoon. This presented a varied field of machinery, ranging from the big Suzuki GSXR 1000 of Rod Lynn, to the nimble 250 Yamahas of Alex Kenchington and Chay Newton which hung on to the leaders deep in to the race. I thought I’d seen some exciting stuff in the MotoGP, but these two races were the best I’ve seen all year!

In race 1, Rod Lynn took an early lead and stretched his advantage to a couple of seconds within a lap, but was slowly reeled in by one Phillip Bevan (I think he may have a couple of laps of Pembrey under his belt prior to this race ;-) ). Lynn held Bevan’s challenge off until the final lap, when the experience of the man in orange paid off and he slipped underneath through Woodlands to take the win.

Rod Lynn

Race 2 was equally as exciting. Choosing to shoot the start and then hot foot my way down to Hatchets may have been an error on my part, as it meant I missed getting a shot of Bevan almost binning it on lap 2… that’ll teach me to try and be in two places at once. Having watched him back the bike in to the hairpin in morning practice, I should have known he’d have been spectacular through there! So, some distance back from the leaders now, Bevan got the hammer down and swiftly caught and passed the leaders (with another great performance on the brakes in to Hatchets) before romping to a comfortable victory.

Bevan carried on his with his winning ways by taking maximum points from a total of six further races in Sound of Thunder and Powerbike classes. A good weekend by anybody’s standards.

Phil Bevan

With so many great performances from riders in all classes and possibly a record low number of fallers, I think this event can safely be declared a roaring success. Roll on next season.

Photos are available to view here

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