Saturday afternoon egg chasing

The motorsport season is pretty much over, bar a bit of rallying, so my weekends are a bit quieter at the moment. I’ve never shot a rugby match before and there was little going on locally in the way of football matches, so I ventured down to the local ground to try my hand.

Trowbridge 1st XV vs Witney 1st XV in the EDF National Senior Vase was this weekend’s tie. Having absolutely no prior knowledge of who was the form team was going to make anticipating my angles a little trickier, but having never shot Rugby before I don’t suppose that really made much difference. Lighting was ok to start with, the late afternoon sun was warming and lit the players well, but it soon dropped behind the trees and left things rather gloomier.

Witney stride forwards

As for the score, well I’m not entirely sure… I think Trowbridge won, but I left shortly before the final whistle.

Photos can be found here.

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