November 2 / / Beer

A Berliner Weisse has been on my list of beers to brew for some time now, so with stocks of ‘normal’ beer up to an acceptable level again it’s time to experiment a little!

There’s actually a reasonable amount of information available on the internet, perhaps a little too much in fact.  Settling on an approach took a while.  Sour mashes, pitching lacto, to boil or not… plenty to research and think about ahead of the brewday.

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January 19 / / Homebrew

Time for the first brew of 2014 and it’s a bit of a spring clean of the hop and grain stock pile.  Turns out I’ve been home brewing since 2009, according to the dates on some of the bags of grain! (EDIT – Not sure where that grain came from?!… my records show my first all-grain brew was March 2011)

So with a few kilos of stale grain and some slightly iffy hops chucked in the bin, I’m still left with some open bags that need using up pretty soon.   That can only mean one thing… a ‘use it up brew’ Smile

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