March 29 / / Motorsport

It’s been a very long time since I’ve taken any photos (and even longer since I posted any on here! ), so a bitterly cold Monday at Castle Combe seemed like a good idea for getting back in to the swing of things. :)

I don’t think I’ve ever been so cold, at a race circuit… at least at wasn’t snowing.

Here’s a few shots where I wasn’t shaking too much (click the thumbnails for larger versions);

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June 30 / / Motorsport

I’ve quite often passed through Farleigh Hungerford on a weekend to find that there’s a motocross meeting going on that I had no clue was happening. Well, this weekend I actually had some advance notice (a few hours anyway), so was able to get along today for a few hours snapping.

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June 26 / / Motorsport

One of the big attractions of the Festival of Speed, along with the ability to get close to the cars & bikes, is the number of famous faces milling around the paddock.

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June 26 / / Motorsport

I’ve managed to dry out now, although my bag is still hung on the radiator. This was my first year doing all 3 days at the Festival of Speed, but rather strangely also seems to have been the one where I took fewest photographs.

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A few highlights from Saturday’s little outing in to deepest darkest Wales. A lack of a car mount meant that all the moving stuff was very much a ‘shot in the dark’, but all things considered they seemed to come out alright.

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Just a quick post with a few shots from our trip to Cyprus. Weather wasn’t fantastic, but at least there was some sun & plenty of beer.
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