April 10 / / Motorsport

Rather than fight the crowds on race & quali days I figured that Saturday’s practice day at Brands would be somewhat quieter. There were still a fair number of people there, but at least there was less fighting for the better positions. Lovely weather (again… this is getting a little odd, must be due a downpour soon) resulted in my head looking a little like a beetroot by the time I got home. Read MoreBSB Practice – Brands GP

March 20 / / Motorsport

With the prospect of good weather (again!) this weekend, I decided to make the trip over to Brands Hatch Read MoreBEMSEE @ Brands

March 4 / / Motorsport
February 11 / / Photography

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve had the camera out, so I figured I try a few shots in the warmth of my own home. Read MoreMmmm… Jellybeans

January 21 / / Photography

The wind dropped below 100mph this afternoon, so I figured it was about time I got off my ar$e and dusted the camera off. We decided on a short drive up to Avebury to take a look at the ‘famous’ stone circle. Read MoreStone Me

November 19 / / Photography

The motorsport season is pretty much over, bar a bit of rallying, so my weekends are a bit quieter at the moment. I’ve never shot a rugby match before and there was little going on locally in the way of football matches, so I ventured down to the local ground to try my hand. Read MoreSaturday afternoon egg chasing

November 7 / / Motorsport

Well, November isn’t renowned for it’s warm weather in this country, especially somewhere as exposed as Pembrey. I was pleased to discover on Saturday however that somebody had moved the small South Wales circuit closer to the equator… the weather was beautiful, almost suitable for a t-shirt!

Anyhow, November 4th & 5th saw the inaugural Bike Sport News Autumn Championships at Pembrey. An open invitation from the North Gloucestershire club to the likes of MRO & BEMSEE saw the NG regulars battling it out with some new faces for the prize money (and more importantly, bragging rights). Read MoreSunny, in Wales… surely not?

October 21 / / Motorsport
October 16 / / News

This is the first post for my updated web site. Hopefully navigating the site should be simple, just use the navigation bar Read MoreFirst Post